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“This guy is absolutely a skillful trader. The trades he takes are very easy to follow. Although B$ is an expert in biotech and has very good risk management skills, he is very versatile and trades with the market and has something for everyone (ex: biotech, daytrade/swingtrade, options, long/short). He is not greedy and tells you when to take profits/cut losses. Very friendly and always includes a splash of laughter too.”
“I cannot praise B$ and his partner K$ highly enough..My wife and I first followed him on Twitter, admiring his spot-on calls on biotechs, then his accurate read on general market conditions. After joining his Google Hangouts chat, we remained close followers and have made money on many of his alerts.

B$ is a no-nonsense, straight shooting trader, nimble and quick to change tactics as the market fluctuates. His style will suit aggressive options daytraders, as well as those who swing stocks short to medium term. He and K$ are on top of their game, and honest about losing, humble about winning. If you can handle the heat, they are some of the best cooks in the kitchen.”

I have been a member of the PrecisionTrade365 team for about a month now, and I
absolutely love it! I followed BiotechMoney18 trades via twitter for over a year, and
when he announced the launch of his own sub server, I couldn’t wait to join.
Trading as a team is a lot easier and so much more fun. Being able to follow trading
alerts and interact with professionals like Biotechmoney18 and Kristin have taught me
how to become a more well rounded trader, manage risk and make more money.
“I have made more money on my first day with PT365 team, than I use to make in a
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