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  • I’ve been a trader and investor for the biotechnology sector for many years, the unconfirmed “speculation buyout rumors” spreading around wall street are a norm these days. Basically, everyone thinks their stock is a buyout candidate, but these buyout rumors tend to be false and once in a while it’s true. The rumors spreading could be from someone or fund want to get out by selling at the top or sometimes company use this stock price jumped to do secondary offering. I’ve seen it all.
  • If buyout are true, retailers are the last one to know after acquisition. In my opinion, the best way to trade off these rumors are 1. Don’t be impulsive and think 2. Trust your own due diligence 3. Ignore the noise out there and know what you owned.
  • Buyout are rare, but if these rumors are true then I’m more than happy to congratulates the longs. Everyone deserve the best when they work hard. My best wishes to everyone in your trading/investing journey.
  • These three are  latest speculation biotech buyout rumors
  • I have no positions in these names.




  1. Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACAD)- The latest unconfirmed rumors from this one is JNJ buying ACAD

2.  Radius Health, Inc (RDUS)– unconfirmed rumor today that SHPG interested buying RDUS


3. Tesaro, Inc (TSRO)– After successfully phase 3 back on July 8, 2017, Press release here this has the most speculation buyout rumors. The latest unconfirmed chatter is from Reuters that company is seeking investment banks.