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AKBA our elite stock pick has hit 30% target. See our notes. 4.25.17

Elite small cap biotech pick hit target. Trim and trail. Blog article on 3/07/17 http://www.precisiontrade365.com/new-small-cap-biotech-idea-3-7-17/  Chart on March 7, 2017 pick for elite membership.  after chart as of April 4/25/17

TBRA has achieved profit goal, +700% since published on Aug, 1, 2016.

You need to divorce your mind from the crowd. The herd mentality causes all these IQ's to become paralyzed. I don't think investors are now acting more intelligently, despite the intelligence. Smart doesn't always equal rational. To be a successful investor you must divorce yourself from the fears and greed of the people around you, [...]

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