Dear PrecisionTrade365 Team Members,

We hope this letter finds you warm and cozy in this winter season.  This letter is to address some members complaint in this chat room today:

Decreasing trade alert in chat room citing due to some of our other business  apart from PrecisionTrade365. ~

  • PrecisionTrade365 obligation to team members are:  to provide pivots guide, trade plan, denotes notable market price action or anything that we deemed helpful to you, real time alert on swing and day trade IF there is a compelling trade, it does not necessarily means that we own positions on any aforementioned stocks in blogs or chat room or in social media.  We always provide weekly trade plan on weekends, then update it on during the rest of the week into our “Daily Pivot Guides” tab, or chart any stocks that have volatility and share it in chat room.  As for this week, most of our stocks pick has played into pivots:  Below are some of our highlights this week, #VSTM  repeatedly highlighted last week that to keep an eye on $3 as it can easily move higher.
  • Keep an open mind that the stock market is NOT made to be easy  way of growing your money, in fact it is the other way around, easier to lose money than to make profit.  The people that moves the market, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Financial Firms are run by the smartest mind, they hire the best analyst on each sector, equipped with the best or latest technology platform, fully loaded capital ( which their buying or selling stakes can significantly move the market), and they have Senior,  Junior traders and Risk Managers,  that are well trained  mentally  and strategically on how to assess risk on each trade exposure.
  • This is why we create the Trade plan/ Pivots guide, the best that we can do is prepare the pivots guide, denotes the support and resistance  and disclose the category of the stock.  As we all know, pivots are interchangeable, any surprise corporate guidance or macro events can easily null the planned guide.
  • As a member, it is your duty to inspect the proposed chart, and execute it if the equity suits your trading or investing strategy.
  • For intraday alert, we usually called out “watch ABC on support or resistance” sometimes we pin it correct but sometimes the market overshoot.  Today, I noted AMZN, AAPL, NVDA puts, and denotes on point to trim and trail as the U.S. benchmark approaches 1st intraday support,  as your duty to yourself, recheck the said pivots and time frame and execute trade in your own will.
  • For swing trades, our goal is to provide you the compelling trade set up along with real time alert, and we have enough cushion or market starts to go opposite of the trade, we send out SMS of applying your own strategy.  Each one of us has different size of portfolio,

  • The stock market right now, is trading at never seen before pattern.  Know that the U.S. benchmark nearest daily support is threading at 3%, normal trend is at 1.5% max, next support is at 5%. A single 3% decline on SPY will have huge impact on equities, the seriousness of the current market set-up is it can easily trigger panic ,on 3% decline as it will impact 5% decline at least on equities, what could be worst is that we are just in 1st support, huge sell can commence if we hit the 50 moving average that is 5% dent on benchmark and about 10% on equities.
  • With this kind of set-up, we rather sits in and call out conservative trade set-up if there is one, for now apply your patience, everything is overbought.  If you are an active trader, be fast on executing when there is an issue of support or resistance alert.
  • As for having no time on other business venture, I am assuming its the TradersFish, those DATA provided and published there in are being recorded long before we created it.  We have decided to share it to public  since we do it anyway.  We keep record on data that has significance on stock movement.  As I always says, Chart is after the fact, what moves it is the underlying fundamentals.  It is why I have published plenty of bottom trades such as GES, TIF, HFC, RH, for biotechs TBRA, VYGR  and many more.  I mentioned this, not to brag, but to emphasize the importance of keeping track of Corporate data, that is why we track and record it with or without TradersFish.

Losses in JKS, MARA, and AXON.

  • MARA I repeatedly disclose this is a penny stock, pump and dump trade.  Trading such category, approach with high risk tolerance along with perfected capital allocation.  If you trade pump and dump stock and buying it on breakout level, prepare yourself to 40% -50% decline, this where capital allocation/ diversification comes in.  Capital exposure should be no more than 1% is my rule, as I am aware of the risk I’m getting myself in to.  Sometimes, pivots pan out sometimes it does not.
  • JKS I am a die hard bull on this company, as per my own valuation model, it is undervalued in all metrics, I tried to  trade the “Multi 28 Breakout” but it didn’t pan out, I stick on my thesis until it losses the 22.20, although fundamentals is unchanged, the technical breakdown is triggered, could possibly tank another 10-18% .
  • AXON was never alerted in PT365, B wrote a bullish blog on TradersFish for it, but we never recommended it as we know that its a high risk. Alzheimer’s disease drugs has 99.9% chance of failure.
  • Not all of our Trade plan or Trade ideas, will pan out to success. Please apply your own risk strategy, that is very important, aim for diversification if you are conservative.
  • Everyone can interpret stock charts, comprehend corporate catalysts or earnings, but FEW can make profit on those trade ideas/ comprehension.  Because of the real time volatility of equities.
  • Our daily focus is on observing market, watching 25 charts along with multi L2 during the day, and dissect comprehension to team members, because of our busy schedule we can not answer all DM’s or all stocks questions.
  • PT365 is built to help traders succeed.  Our pledge to our team members is to provide you valuable information, and published commendable high reward trade set-up.
  • As for our elite, this segment is not meant for watching tick per tick, this is INVESTING style, BUY and FORGET, unless significant change on corporate fundamentals.

About us:

We both are full time Traders, as for myself I am a mother of 3, I trade for myself, manages small portfolio for private clients and run PT365, doing this work does not affect any of my commitment, as I have grown to this set up, with or without TradersFish we do our personal stock market diary and record data.  My source of income all comes from stock market. As for B, he has Medical background and quit his medical practice  to fully focus on stock market.  We both have chosen to live our passion and fully devote our time, energy and focus on what we do to achieve our goals.