Technical Long Set-up:

  • Stocks/ Charts published herein are solely based in TECHNICAL chart;
  • Criteria for this segment are: must have solid long base; bullish momentum set-up conformed by higher lows/ high price action; less followed stock;
  • Trade strategy approach for the this technical set-up  must be in accordance with price action/ pivots;
  • Trader should take profit or exit the trade, if and when support has been violated, because it will invalidate momentum status.
  • We project that this will have faster turnover (time essence) compared to  Undervalued/ Oversold segment.
  • Technical updates published herein  will be provided once a week, or when there is significant changes, such as support break or selling activity.

Yes, you can. However they are not obliged to respond.

  • Our head traders, does NOT  respond to Direct message.
  • Their responsibility is to give trade alert execution and market updates.
  • To cancel your membership, call Paypal at 1 888- 221-1161  or send us an email at Precisiontrades365@gmail.com
  • Yes, FREE 2 weeks trial
  • Elite membership is the Annual membership level, which is $999 yearly.
  • For our Annual membership level/ Elite member access, we have added “Undervalued stock” segment.

  • This particular section is more about Investing. Our criteria for this, are Undervalued stocks.

  • Time frame for this section are longer, 6-12months and longer, as our focus here is on fundamental factors. Projection return for this pick are 20-30% annually.

  • This segment won’t have daily or weekly watch lists, like what we have on our current settings on watch lists .

  • Also, as we focus more on fundamental basis for this segment, stop loss on investment does not come from our traditional “trading” stop loss, Fundamentals changes, are the triggered stop loss for this segment.

  • Our Elite segment of Undervalued & Oversold stock  are currently up in double digit gain, since we launch this segment, in less than one month.
  • As of this FAQ writing, (8.23.16)  they are up +17%  ; +20% ; +17%  & + 10% in less than one month.
  • We have monthly schedule updates for the stocks published on this segment.
  • We will  send out a reminder for any upcoming catalyst for the stocks and when it has achieved targeted  % return  under this segment.

Membership  Levels, pricing &  website access variations:

  1. Quarterly option $399 every 3 months.    Access to most website segment + Chatroom, EXCEPT  Elite Segment.
  2. Semi-Annual option    $699 every 6 months.    Access to most website segment +Chatroom, EXCEPT  Elite Segment.
  3. Yearly (Elite) option    $1500 per year.                Access to all website segment, including the Elite Segment.


Chatroom use:
  • You do not need a separate log-in for our chatroom.  Once you have successfully logged in to the site, you just need to click on the “Chatroom” tab to gain access.
  • The admins posts their daily chart of choice for watch list in the chatroom, simply click the chart to enlarge & follow the annotation.
  • You can share ideas with members in the chat room as well.
  • We write blog article when we think it’s good education, to show members what we saw in chart, to teach PT365 members to become better traders.
  • Yes.  Our daily or weekly Watchlist/ Chart is either Long or Short set-up.  The main criteria for our selection are the stock has to have momentum, either way, long or short.
  1. There is no “sure or easy” money on trading.
  2. For new members, we want you to watch how we trade first week or so to get comfortable with our trading styles.
  3. There is no guaranteed every trade will be winners, but rather have more winners than loss.
  4. The benefits is you learn the art of trading with PrecisionTrade365 team
  • If you have a full-time job, you can still benefit from our trading service by taking advantage of our daily or weekly chart watchlists.  For every chart that we publish the momentum support/ resistance and the invalid or stop pivot levels are notated in the chart.  You can simply execute the trade in your own convenience then apply auto stop limit as all brokerages offer that feature.
  • Our services are diversified, we do not focus on a certain sector.  Our focus is the momentum stock movers set- up Long or Short.


Sectors that we cover: ( US stocks only).

  • Biotechnology.
  • Solars.
  • Technology stocks.
  • Cyber Security & Cloud sector.
  • Chinese ADR’s.
  • Semiconductors.
  • Retails & Consumer Discretionary.
  • Home builders.
  • IPO’s
  • US major sector ETF & ETN.
  • Commodities. Gold and Oil.
  • Energy stock.

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