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**** Disclaimer: These stocks are opinion and ideas only. Always do your own due diligence. I hold long position in #SCYX. 

 Maybe you or I will be that lucky #1 people? Goodluck!


  • One of the biggest goal for me is to run a hedge fund (Still working in progress), will mostly invest 70% in biotech, 20% in tech and 10% others. Over the years, my track record of finding a hidden gem biotech has speak for itself.
  • I would buy more share of stocks from elite membership level. These are stocks we hold for 6-12 months. Here are the past performance.

#TBRA was our hidden gem stock, that was bought out. Found by our team leader @Kris_tin27

Not one can be right on every investment; winners outweighs losses is key. Exclusive content (12 months membership)

  • I would buy more share of #SCYX, this is one of my investment that holding for a long time.  Key clinical development this week has make the stock jumped +11.66%, clinical update
  • #SCYX No need to says much, a great stock with good science will always outperform it peers in future. Sit back and let company do it thing. Many investors/traders always pumping daily, just relax and we’ll see how it goes in future. In my opinion.

  • Our team were bullish on  #PBYI #PTLA before the FDA Adcomm. Here are some more ideas of interested:

Thanks for reading. ~PT365